Streaming music from a music streaming service is great. You can listen to anything. Lets you hear Astists you might not have come across otherwise.

However, even if you subscribe to a paid music streaming service the artist you listen too might not have been getting much from the money you pay.

Its also possible that the money you spend might go to an artist you don't like at the record company rather than one you do depending how the record company splits the money from the streaming service.

So to hopefully help in a small way I have this idea.

Deezer, the music streaming service I use, send a monthly email listing my month in music. This includes, how many songs I have listened to, how many minutes I have listened to, my favourite artist, favourite track and a host of other details.

Based on who the favourite artist or favourite track is I will buy some merchandise from their website. Either a cd, download, t-shirt, concert ticket or whatever else they have on offer.

Hope you enjoy the site and maybe do likewise. 😃

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Below you can see the monthly details so far: