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Appointment Databases

Save money on missed /cancelled appointments!!

hup2 provide appointment databases for businesses and organisations which can be viewed online and / or on a mobile phone.

Appointment databases are a great way for businesses to let clients see what appointments are available or to let employees see what appointments they have coming up.

If clients can see what appointments are available and book appointments in their own time they are more likely to get the appointment they want rather than feeling flustered on the phone and taking any appointment offered and then missing the appointment or having to cancel the appointment at a later date.

Having the appointment database viewable on mobile phones makes the appointment database more practical as clients and employees will not always be sat in front of a computer.

Most mobile phones can be used to view the internet, however not all web pages display well or at all, on mobile phones. With a hup2 appointment database designed to be displayable on mobile phones you can reach many more people.

Add automated text message /email reminders to your appointment database and you can further reduce missed appointments.

Take a look at our example appointment database to see what hup2 can provide.

Appointment Database Example